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Clean Room Survey

Extensive experience and permanently enhanced Know-how we proudly show in this field. Most notably to mention is the survey under the special technical and climatical conditions of clean rooms. We provide:

  • Planning and realization of survey projects considering the building structure and the layout of the installed equipment  and other appliances

  • Measurement of high precise (<1 mm) reference grid systems for location and elevation

  • Stake out and alignment of foundations, tools, transport systems and other equipment on concrete floor or double raised floor

  • Check measurements for location and elevation of all completed tools, transport systems and other
    equipment with highest precision

  • Interpretation of the measurements and documentation in digital and analogy way

Tool Alignment

We are specialized on surveying large construction projects in terms of equipment installation and the installation of entire industrial production lines.

  • As-built survey and documentation of existing building structures as planning criterion

  • Mark out of datum points from plan of execution for exact positioning of tools and transport systems

  • Cross-project alignment and positioning of any part of production lines and depending equipment

  • Provision of elevation reference points using precision levelling Elevation alignment of tools and other equipment

With our high precise and on demand survey we ensure the successful implementation of challenging industrial projects from draft and layout until completion.
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